Dear Dr. Lerner,

A thousand years ago (late November, 1990), you treated me on an emergency basis.  You temporarily repaired a broken tooth  with some plastic until I could have work done to have a proper crown fitted and prepared, and you enabled me to go on my vacation without pain, and, more importantly, without fear of problems from this tooth, as you also assessed that root canal work would not be necessary.  

I have intended to write you, to thank you, to send you some token of my appreciation for almost a year.  I am incredibly remiss in attending to this matter, and for that I sincerely apologize.  You certainly acted responsively and professionally when I needed help.



Dear Dr. Lerner,

Thank you for helping to make a most uncomfortable procedure pleasant.  You and your lovely assistant were most patient and kind.

I will be sure to spread the word.



Dear Dr. Lerner and Staff,

Thanks for the kind service and many htoughtful gesstures to spped my recovery.  Taking care of me in the way you all did made things easier.  I'm enjoying my trip without any discomfort.  Thank you very much.


Dear Dr. Lerner,

Just to let you know that I'm very happy and feel very lucky to have found you.  You are the perfect Endodontist and as an added asset...very kind.  The same is to be said about your professional and caring staff.

I loved the ambiance in your office...serene and comfortable.  You can be sure that my family and I will rely on you for all future endodontic services.

Warmest regards,


Dear Dr. Lerner,

Thank you for being:  Painless.  Perfect.  Professional.  And a really nice guy!



Dear Dr. Lerner,

Many thanks for taking the time on a weekend to care for me.  I felt I won the lottery in finding you.  I truly appreciate your calls and concern and the 'painless' root canal.



Dear Dr. Lerner,

Thank you so much for your prompt help and attention.  Your office, your staff, your receptionist and, of course, you are impressive, and it is obvious that you deliver the best care in Boca.


Dear Dr. Lerner,

I want to thank you for your expert care and patience and most of all your friendship.  You are really special.   This world would be a better place if it had more peoople with integrity, kindness and honesty like you exhibit.

Thank you again.



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